TTT Review


Transforming Twisted Thinking Full Course


This review reveals what is offered on the COURSES menu, if you were to purchase the Online Digital Course.

The course presents clinically-biblically sound training and teaching on the FORENSIC ANALYSIS OF SIN and the REPENTANCE/change process through transforming twisted thinking and relational accountability.

The student will get tools for holding Habitual Twisted Thinkers accountable in non clinical and clinical settings. It reveals where the HOPE in their change process is. It will encourage people to develop a healthy skepticism in boundary setting with Twisted Thinkers. Why is that necessary? Because, in their core, Habitual Twisted Thinkers are committed to pursuing the EXCITEMENT OF THE FORBIDDEN on covert or overt levels.

The course is designed for individuals looking for the why, how and what to do with holding habitual twisted thinkers accountable; for training students involved in church lay counseling ministries; for training church leadership in an A-team accountability process for those fallen in ministry and for  parents of young people who are heading in the direction of a potential day in court.

                                                                                                                                                     The full course has thirteen sessions, with quizzes, discussions and videos.                                                                                                                                                           You can take it at your own pace and when completed, earn the certificate of completion.