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TRANSFORMING TWISTED THINKING (Authored by Jerry Price) is required reading for the Transforming Twisted Thinking Full Course.

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TRANSFORMING TWISTED THINKING reveals the illusions people cling to that distorts their relationships, causing harm to others. By applying biblical insights from God’s mandate for healthy relationships, Jerry Price offers a path for transforming one’s life by subjecting our thinking to the honesty and integrity God calls for. 

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The STAR Energizer ( is like a Global Positioning System guiding us on a track of personal growth and success. This evaluation tool reveals successful thinking patterns and success builders we use in decision making to give us our best view on the journey. The Energizer also provides first hand knowledge of unsuccessful thinking patterns, success blockers, and how to stay on the path to success when we face those barriers.  The Energizer E Book will help you understand the results of your evaluation. If you purchase the Transforming Twisted Thinking Full Course, an Energizer Evaluation and E Book will already be included in that course.



Beyond Betrayal Official Book Cover (206x300)

BEYOND BETRAYAL by Jerry Price and Tom Roy explores the twists and turns of a betrayer’s identity. Contending with the wounds everyone faces in recovering from the impact of betrayal, they also examine God’s prescription for healing and offer their table talks as a conversational approach to this unspeakable heartbreak.


The Chadwick Bay Series

sandusky-cover-real SANDUSKY BAY by Jerry Price and Tom Roy, follows a generationalEllison Bay Front Book Cover journey of three men: a grandfather working the coal mines in West Virginia, his steel mill working son in Ohio, and a grandson growing up with the baggage of previous generations.  Join the journey of these three men in volume one of the Chadwick Bay Series, as they find themselves trying to navigate the worlds of work, women, family, and life’s unexpected trials.

ELLISON BAY, volume two of the Chadwick Bay Series by Jerry Price and Tom Roy, depicts how one man’s life never unfolds like we expect. They give you a glimpse into the real world of selfishness, missed expectations and a cascading series of events that bring reality front and center. Hold on as you dig into the story of Bob Chadwick, his dreams, his pain and what it means to get a taste for an authentic journey toward manhood.


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LAKE of BAYS on RootHog Island

Bob Chadwick’s quest for genuine manhood peaks in LAKE of BAYS, the third book of Jerry Price and Tom Roy’s 2BRealMen trilogy. He steps into the unknown on Roothog Island in Ontario, into a radical boot camp experience of deep personal change. Out of his pain comes a new purpose for living and circumstances beyond imagination to provide Bob with hope and a new direction in life. Get ready to ride along with him on this adventure of becoming a man, from the inside out.