Making sense out of nonsense and the horror of MANDALAY BAY. Where do we start?

We already know how politics and the media will approach every mass murder event. Deal with mental health and gun laws.

Next? Provide instructions for when we walk into environments where there could be harm and mayhem.

Today, Megan Kelly said, “Nothing changes!” Then, Kelly interviewed a panel of experts along with victims who survived past mass murder events. Debriefing. Looking for hope and somehow to find a way to regain control, like talking and not isolating from others in our pain.

So many wonderful stories came out of this shooter’s premeditated crime spree. Not to his credit but to the credit of individuals, who risked their lives to rescue others in his line of fire! We saw Swat Squads praying before storming the shooters staging area. How law enforcement ran toward the gunman. People gave blood to save lives of the wounded. We want to hear how people made it out of that war zone. Rightly so. To say the evil will not prevail.

The debriefing is helpful. But I’d like to provide a new list where we can go further to understand what happened. To see if there’s anything preventive transcending what psychologist and politicians are beginning to say, that on some level has merit.

My list stirs our thinking. To say something can prevent events like Mandalay by going to the infrastructure of humanity first.

Begin here! Then we go to solutions with no cart before the horse.

Return To A God Consciousness

Relational Authenticity

Respect For Self and Others

Recognize Depravity Inside Everyone 

Reason Genuinely Challenged 

Rationality Of Evil Exposed 

Responsibility For Accountability

Renovation Of Minds 

Righteousness Exulted       

Relinquish Control To the Divine

Your thoughts encouraged.

4 thoughts on “MANDALAY BAY

  1. Thank you for offering such a valuable Insight that we can share with others that are struggling. Truly we know that Jesus is the only answer and every day we pray even so come quickly Lord Jesus. But in the meantime we look for ways to touch the hearts of those around us with the truth of the Gospel. You are a blessing Jerry Price! Continuing to offer prayers for you and Judy happiness health and long life in Jesus name.

  2. Thanks Jerry, good words, I believe the authentic relationship with God through the atoning work of Jesus Christ is the beginning and the ending and everything in between!!!God bless you brother we’re praying for you and Judy and Terry 👍