The Traits of Twisted Leadership in the Presidential Race of 2016

Presidential Race 2016

When a man or woman running for President has tunnel vision and only sees the way, by how they sees things, they won’t be self-critical. That means they won’t care how they hurt others. They’ll be deliberately vague by not giving details to what they say they’re going to do if elected President. They’re really good at pointing out and giving feedback on the faults of others and will lie by omission.

If the above were to happen, these candidates who are running for President, view themselves as a victim WHEN they’re held accountable. They’ll start to blame social conditions, even their own family, the past and others for what they do. Mind you, they only view themselves as a victim if it’s convenient, because they will use that view as a springboard into being irresponsible with what they say and do.

No one gets to this place in their life unless they personally view themselves as a good person. But that view is also used to avoid being responsible for their offenses. They won’t acknowledge their own destructive behavior and WILL build themselves up at the expenses of others.

These candidates won’t give any effort to do things they find boring or disagreeable. If they were ever to say, “I can’t,” they really mean they won’t. Their stubbornness not to move from that position is herculean.

Candidates like this are high rollers. If you were able to get to the core of the way they think, they’ll think living in a responsible way is unexciting and unsatisfying. They’re not people, who would obligate themselves to others, but they are ALL about obligating others to them. They will be interested in being responsible only IF they can get some sort of immediate payoff.

A Presidential candidate with the above scenario is impatient and won’t use the past as a learning tool when it gets in the way of their plans. They’ll expect others to act immediately when they demand it of them. AND, when they make decisions, they will be based on assumptions and not the facts.

If you really got to know them whenever they do have irrational fears, they will refuse to admit them. These candidates have a fundamental fear of injury or even death WHEN they aren’t in control. When they are in control, there’s no need to talk about those fears. The reality, though, is they have a profound fear of being put down and WHEN they’re held accountable, they feel lousy and experience a kind of self induced depression that makes them think everyone knows the real them.

That’s when they’ll have a compelling need to be in control of others and every situation. They’ll use any method they can to manipulate others by deceit so they can take control of their situations. These candidates will refuse to be a dependent person UNLESS they can take advantage of it.

If the truth were out there on the table, these candidates actually think they are different and better than others. They live by double standards and expect out of others what they will fail to meet themselves. They’ll come across as super-optimistic not because they want to be elected President, but because being super-optimistic cuts any fear they might have of failure. In their mind, if that fear won’t go away, they will quit at the first sign of what they consider failure.

The glue that ties this all together for this type of candidate is how they actually perceive all things and people as objects that belong to them. They have no concept of the “ownership rights” of others. Sadly, they are people who are capable of using sex for power and control.

God help the USA, if there’s anyone running for the office of President in this great land of ours that this may describe.

If anyone like this were to be elected, my question is how does this reflect on the state of the people who do the electing? Would we not be a civilization that has gone rogue?

One more thought. Everything you have read from the above description actually describes what and who twisted thinkers really are.

Think about it, would you?

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