Transforming Twisted Thinking Audio Book

TTTshutterstock_105290753The Transforming Twisted Thinking Audio Book is now here! I have received numerous requests to get this book into an audio format and to be narrated by me. Surprisingly, if you would you allow me to say, I could see how my voice inflections, tone and emphasis added more understanding on what twisted thinking is and how a twisted thinker could change.

Twisted thinkers can find healing in their soul and mind. This book shows how those hurt by twisted thinkers can hold the offender accountable, when there’s a decision to work on restoring a relationship with them.

If you would like to hear a sample or consider purchasing this audio book, you may find it by selecting one or both of the following sites: or iTunes.

Hearing this book read, as you travel by air, are in traffic or in your favorite chair where you do your reflecting, will provide a provocative and radical path to repentance that opens up new avenues for building authentic relationships.

Creating this audio book was well worth the time it took to lay down the tracks, and a joy to know that such a critical subject could and would be heard in a personal way from yours truly.