Who Are These Men?


With the upcoming launch of our new book SANDUSKY BAY, Tom Roy and I were each asked to do a profile on our archetypes. Basically this is a profile on how we relate to the rest of the world. Mine came back as a Sage/Caregiver.

This is a person who sees life through a lens of wisdom that goes beneath the obvious layers of a matter and straight to the depths of its heart. A Sage/Caregiver has readers who come to expect insight and knowledge through narratives involving the real and imaginary. He acknowledges that twisted things happen, but his protagonist’s hope comes from righting wrongs, healing wounds and finding peace in the end.

Tom’s archetype came back as Everyman/Jester.

That’s a person who loves to see others succeed and who likes to take and spin stories from real life, often with humor. The Everyman/Jester tends to be more of a creative, random thinker whose goal is to encourage and motivate others. He stresses that all people are interesting just the way they are and doesn’t focus on the elite among us, but chooses instead to root for the underdog.

What I have observed is how one type can compete with the other. The truth is we need each other. Put a Sage/Caregiver and an Everyman/Jester together and we come up with the story of SANDUSKY BAY! Let me tell you, writing a book together and getting ready to launch our new initiative 2BRealMen.com has been fun.

How would you classify your style? Have you ever done an archetype of yourself?

“..so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.” Romans 12:5

BTW…the abridged addition of Sandusky Bay is available from me for $4 plus shipping (only 92 pages for those not interested in a long read). So far we’ve had very positive responses from those who have read this book. Email (jp@jerryprice.net) or respond to this blog if you are interested in purchasing a copy. The full version should be out within the next month!