Announcing SANDUSKY BAY!

Sandusky Bay 1 smallTom Roy and I are excited to announce our new book Sandusky Bay. We are also joining forces to launch our new initiative 2BRealMen.

SANDUSKY BAY follows the generational journey of three men. A grandfather working the coal mines in West Virginia, his steel working son in Ohio and a grandson growing up with all the baggage of previous generations. Hard working blue-collar men navigating the world of work, women and family. With unresolved conflicts and the unknown exploiting each man’s understanding of masculinity, they find themselves overwhelmed by changing times on the heels of World War II. Challenged to do whatever it takes to heal significant relationships and still be their own man, Sandusky Bay encourages men to come to terms with who they are in their darkest hours. We’d like for you to be notified when Sandusky Bay is released and receive updates about the book and our new website 2BRealMen. Please select the sign up site below and we’ll be in touch. Be our guest, as well, in sharing our news with your friends.

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