Domestic Violence and the NFL?

Domestic ViolenceDid you know that one out of every four Christian couples experiences at least one episode of physical abuse within their marriage? Battering is the single largest cause of injury to women—more than auto accidents, muggings, and rapes combined.

Did you know that between 2003 and 2008, we lost over 4000 soldiers in the Iraq War? In the same period over 6000 women have been murdered due to domestic violence in America. Did you know that 40% of women homicide victims are killed by their male partners or husbands?

I believe as followers of Christ, God sees us as holy because of what Jesus did for us on the cross. In other words God sees Jesus and our faith in him and not what we do or don’t’ do in order to make that decision. That is the foundation of faith and is what theologians call Our Position In Christ.

But we are functionally still sinners. We can’t forget that!

It’s easy to point to the sins of those outside the church and gloss over the violence that occurs inside the supposed sanctity of a church or Christian home. It’s true that domestic violence and child sex abuse continues to remain a blot on the body of Christ.

So much is going on in the media these days about domestic abuse and the NFL. I’ve seen emotional expressions by football analysis, some former players, and the victims of domestic abuse. I’ve seen articles about pro athlete organizations taking responsibility to send a message that domestic violence is not going to be tolerated. I’ve seen parents having to explain to their children what in heaven’s name is going on after watching an elevator video of domestic violence.

No one seems to see that the media continues to traumatize the victim by doing that. Clearly we can point to the hypocrisy of how high-profile organizations, athletic and otherwise, develop cultures of secrecy to keep victims – victims. Sickness! Angry! Outrage! All words to describe what secrecy will do to any marriage, family or social strata if there isn’t justice and a weeping for those harmed by such twistedness.

Sin in the heart is ugly. Sinning is hideous and repulsive on any level. Questions about the weakness of men who batter or emotionally control their wives/partners are once again rising to the forefront and they should be. The twisted thinking behind this is enormous and at an epidemic level in this land of ours.

I’m glad the attention is focused on this and it’s about time. I’m concerned that we forget to go where we must go to first deal with domestic violence and other horrendous issues that can destroy our relationships.

It is in my heart and mind and then to surrender to God’s heart and mind – where his love defines how we are to behave. The hope that last is the hope that is IN Christ.

We must get beyond the theology of faith and into the practice of faith. None of us have that hope without first getting caught or another way of saying our sin/sinning has been exposed. Victimizers and victims alike need Jesus. We all need Jesus. There’s healing in Jesus.

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