Losing Your Cool

Frozen Air ConditionerJudy and I returned to our condo in Phoenix after six weeks of visiting friends and family. We enjoyed the sixth child to be born in my son’s family. Altogether now, we have nine grandchildren.

Great trip! But Judy and I were ready to be home again.

Looking forward to our bed and enjoying the sun in Arizona, I walked through the garage door into the condo to see water dripping from a ceiling. Long story short, the air conditioner froze over.

My mind went to all kinds of places looking for the reason as to WHY this happened.

Friends in Phoenix graciously invited us over to sleep until we could get the inspector to come over after Labor Day and give us a quote on the damage. I was thinking big bucks! We turned everything off and waited two days for the ICE to melt that was on the air conditioner and the furnace pumping the air into the condo.

Then, my friend called his friend who was an expert on air conditioners. His friend indicated there could be one of three reasons why the conditioner and furnace froze up. When he got to number two, I got this crazy embarrassed feeling that was it.

Plainly, a dirty air filter can cause what we were experiencing.

After the ice melted and we cleaned up, I turned the air conditioner on. Cooling started and the temperature went from 95 degrees to 80 degrees within the next few hours. Mind you, it was 110 degrees outside!

I can’t tell you the thoughts I had about being inconvenienced. I’m ashamed to even admit it. They were twisted and feeling sorry for my self – playing the victim. And me of all people should know better since I authored the book Transforming Twisted Thinking.

I had a friend tell me when giving him the story and confessing having a problem with being inconvenience say, “About half way through your story Jerry, I was thinking of telling you to get over it. That’s life.”

I smiled because he was absolutely right, especially in the view of eternity and how others struggle even more. I said, “My irritation was at the thought that I’d have to hire someone to do what I use to be able to do in fixing up my home.” He understood and indicated he knows what that feels like but now it’s about having God leading me to someone who could fix it.

Upon reflecting, it’s amazing what a dirty air filter can cause if it isn’t changed out every month or so in Arizona. Then it hit me.

If any twisted thinking isn’t dealt with in my life, that filth will clog up my ability for sound reasoning and having a sound mind. People will get hurt. Relationships will be damaged and tons of work cleaning up the mess is needed. The cost can be huge.

I was glad I was caught with egg on my face when I started to go dark about who was responsible for the damage in my home. In a gentle and kind way, through a friend calling his friend and letting me know without knowing he was letting me know it was my fault, I knew it was my fault.

Now we’re back in the home and the damage is nowhere near what I imagined. But it’s scary how twisted thinking can screw things up in my marriage and other relationships. These next words are so important to me when checking the filter of my mind as to how I think.

“Fix your thoughts on what is true and honorable and right. Think about things that are pure and lovely and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. Keep putting into practice all you learned from me and heard from me and saw me doing, and the God of peace will be with you.” Philippians 4:8,9 NLT.

I’m still working on going from being twisted to transformed in my thinking. Just because I’ll be 68 years old doesn’t mean I’ve arrived.

My father used to tell the story of the guy trying to find out where the stink was coming from until he realized it was the Limburger cheese underneath his nose on his mustache.

Allow me to say, would you, to check the filters of your mind too, when it’s so easy to go to the blame game.

3 thoughts on “Losing Your Cool

  1. There was a song in the 60’s that had something about what condition my condition was in. I appreciate your connecting air conditioning with mind and heart conditioning. Both are correctable. Thanks Jerry.