God and Storms

To me, this thing about moving into mystery or the unpredictable is at the core of what it means to be a man. Men like to manage theirs affairs, sort of like what happens, when we go to major league baseball parks.

Everything is between the lines and definable, where players seek to perfect their game at the highest level. Yes, there is the mystery of what a pitcher might throw to get the batter out but, with statistics and scouting reports, about the only thing that is unexpected is when a player makes an error or something happens where there’s indecision right before multitudes! Oh, there are those occasions where umpires can surprise fans with a call and for sure the game presents drama, especially around the month of October.

Don’t hear me minimizing what grown men do in the game of pro baseball, because most sports like PGA Golf, NFL football, Soccer, Hockey, Baskeball—shoot even Ping Pong or Chess—have lines to define the reality and keep things in check. And there’s plenty of excitement to go around but, if I may say, it’s managed excitement and even though there’s unpredictability in the game, it’s about men finding a way to manage what they know or believe will happen to get the WIN!

That’s not the way it was with a guy name Jonah who goes AWOL while running away from God. Although it may be understandable to see from his personal point of view why he ran, it still seems Jonah displayed an attitude of self-protection and self centeredness. Instead of moving into his confusion about God’s direct order to go and preach against Nineveh, he runs the other way.

What I’d like to do is present a few blogs talking about God and how storms relate to my manhood and life. Why storms? Because we can all identify with being in an unpredictable storm. As a nation, we’ve just seen what a tornado, which ranks among EF5/F5 twisters in Oklahoma history, did to Moore, Oklahoma and its people.

There are many types of storms but storms more than anything else challenge my manhood. We can go to the National Severe Storms Laboratory Website and see the Study of Storms; Radar, Satellite, Software Development, Modeling, Study of Tornados, Thunderstorms, Damaging Winds, Lightning, Hail, Winter Whether, and Flooding. Nothing is said about the study of Supernatural Storms, which is what we see in Jonah’s account of running from God.

So come with me, would you, into Jonah’s supernatural storm to see how God uses the unpredictability of storms—personal and otherwise—to communicate His soveringty over the matters of life. Lets see how he longs to be involved with us and has the ability to care about us, even when we’ve run from him—whether the storm was natural or supernatural.