On The Edge

Below is a note from a former client I had in counseling many years ago. I have been given permission to share it. I do so, as an interlude before I complete Modus Operandi in the book of James. I saw this note, while clearing things out, as Judy and I prepare for our move to Phoenix in August.

Someone recently told me they weren’t surprised that Jerry and Judy are on the move again. I mean our family does this! Craig and Jana Holland (our daughter) are constantly on the move with their ministry of music and community building, while traveling on their bus/home. Mindy, our other daughter lives in Colorado and Nathan, our son, lives in Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin. Let me say before I introduce you to a former client’s note about being on the edge, that our family is one of tradition but it’s more the tradition of the heart and following Jesus. Even though we live on the edge, we are safe in the arms of God.

The Note:

Dear Jerry,

“I wanted to write this because I think it is important. I was thinking a lot about the pictures last time and what you had said about still being at the edge of the cliff instead of being away from the edge in a good area. I know I am in this place for a reason. I think about the times I feel like I could just go over the edge – I think that is where Satan wants me. I think that people in the world want me safely away from the edge (with good intentions), but by myself and in my own strength.

But I think it is okay to be at the edge. I am learning a lot in this place. I know we have talked at times about needing to accept things and places we are at. But, that was such a hard concept before because I had a mental picture of me being at the edge, and Jesus being over in the good area. He seemed to be waiting for me to go through all this and learn what I had to learn so that I could go back to Him in the good area as a better person. Kind of “support” from a distance – still feeling like I was really going through all this alone.

Then when I was driving home, I realized that that was the importance of the pictures I gave you, knowing that Jesus isn’t waiting for “over there.” Instead, He’s right here on the edge with me – going through everything with me and feeling everything with me! I could feel his presence so strongly.

I don’t think it is a matter anymore of needing to be in a “safe place” but rather to feel safe in any place I am in.”

Funny how a former client just counseled me, as I read the note. I am so glad Jesus is with us everywhere and anytime. Right there on or at the edge too. He is our safe place and he is the heart of my family. I love you Judy and kids as we move into the future God has for us. The hope I’d like to provide is this. No matter how old we become, we can still feel and be ALIVE at the edge with Jesus.