Peacemakers or Peacekeepers

I haven’t heard the term “busybodies” in other men’s matters for quite some time. It’s where people stick their nose into other people’s business without asking. I see this in Oregon, when I think of the public watching out for children. Even though Bend, Or is supposed to be the dog capital of the USA and there are lots of children with dogs, it’s like some people go overboard with how they think you are supposed to treat children.

Once, Judy and I attended a festival down by the Deschutes River. There was beer everywhere because Bend, OR also seems to be a major micro brewery city. Our grandson was with us as we hiked along the river. Then he went up to a beer stand and started to slosh the beer that’s left on the table. I say, “Don’t do that!” to keep him from smelling like beer and getting wet with it. Then some man standing right there says, “Awe, let the kid play. He’s not doing anything wrong.” What was that dude? A peacemaker, peacekeeper or a plain ole busybody?

Another time, Judy and I are in a grocery store. She left her purse in the cart and walked away. I stepped around the corner to get some product. Then, I looked at a lady coming up the aisle who takes Judy’s purse and tucks it deeper into the cart.

Who said she could do that? Then Judy comes up the aisle thinking her purse could be stolen. This lady comes back around the corner and begins to rebuke Judy for tempting someone to steal her purse and we’re suppose to be so grateful she had our backs. Was that lady a peacemaker, peacekeeper or a plain ole busybody? We were beginning to think “What in the heck is wrong with these people in Bend!?” Ever been there? It’s almost like we’re gun-shy wondering who is going to insert themselves into our business.

I get it that people care about children being abused or acting like a neighborhood watch posse but come-on!

James says to believers,”…Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness.” James 3:18 In both of the cases above, I didn’t feel stirred to live a life of righteousness.

Busybodies don’t sow in peace. If wisdom comes from above it is pure, peace-loving, full of mercy, and good fruit, impartial and sincere. Peacekeepers don’t make peace. They try to keep it and sometimes they do it when no one really asked them to, so, they come off as busybodies who control others. Peacemakers may not seem like they care because they do create tension or pain for others out of a sense of love and yes, justice. Busybodies don’t do anything but irritate me.

My modus operandi is to be a peacemaker but not unless I have permission to do so. I guess that’s one reason I’m a counselor. Otherwise, lets face it. I’d be just a plain ole busybody and that makes me sick inside.

8 thoughts on “Peacemakers or Peacekeepers

  1. Just as I thought, Criminal Thinking, you are so sly. Just by being inticed to reply, I have now given you permission to intrude—–LOL. Why don’t you just write blah blog and not make me think or introspect? That way I can proceed with out having to make choices or changing paths—-the broad road is so much easier, the narrow requires being constantly on guard.

  2. It’s a good question, Jerry. I think in smaller towns, at least historically, people were (and are?) often “all up in somebody’s business” in a way that they aren’t in bigger cities. But being boundary-less is not the same as caring deeply, and it can be very invasive.

    When I saw the title, I thought you might be going in the direction of looking at people who will “keep the peace” at any cost as opposed to those who seek to be create peace that comes out of mutual respect, listening and a willingness to consider the needs of others over only our own. The busy-bodies you mention aren’t even “keeping the peace” – they’re being passive-aggressive. It’s something that looks like a little like peace but is really a sneaky way to be in-your-face. And those who attempt to keep the peace at any cost also end up being passive aggressive because they aren’t honest about their resentments, unmet needs and actual intentions. I have spent a lot of my life being a peace-keeper instead of a peace-maker, so I speak from experience!

  3. ” I didn’t feel stirred to live a life of righteousness.” i like that!!

    Hopefully your article will stir further dialogue with readers. It is the beginnings of a much needed discussion.

    You, Jerry, are a “peacemaker”, it is why you have business. If it weren’t for the conflicted multitudes, you would not have much to do, like if it weren’t for twisted thinking the sheriff’s dept would be very quiet. But, thank you Jesus, God has called you to be a peacemaker. Our peacemaking and conflict resolution starts with us, the idea of being a peacemaker starts with a vision within ourselves. Good article sir, well spoken (applause in the background).

  4. Bingo Jerry! Peacemaking is not in the eye of the peacemaker, it is in the eye of those needing peace. Nothing worse than a self rightious peacemaker:) Nothing better than a friend who has seen or experienced your pain, who knows the road to peace. Have a peaceful day dude!!