Beyond Betrayal

By Jerry Price and Tom Roy

Tom and I are excited to tell you that Beyond Betrayal is now available in e-book and hardback format and soon to be in soft cover. Be our guest and read on to see what we are doing with the book and what others are saying.  And feel free to share with others. 🙂

Can anyone doubt betrayal is a part of our human fabric? We can see it everywhere in epic proportions, depending on   media coverage and personal experiences. Beyond Betrayal unpacks life after betrayal as authors Jerry Price and Tom Roy explore the twists and turns of a betrayer’s identity. Contending with the wounds everyone faces in recovering from the impact of betrayal, they also examine God’s prescription for healing. Drawing upon their life experiences and biblical insights, Price and Roy offer their table talks as a conversational approach to this unspeakable heartbreak.

They take an unusual view of betrayal, seeing it as a core condition of mankind’s heart or soulfulness that Jesus talked about.

Beyond Betrayal avoids the quick, easy answers in order to navigate tough issues underlining the hurt and encourages discussion with reflective questions. Price and Roy challenge all of us to rebuild trust levels out of a hope that doesn’t define anyone by the treachery of deceit.a man gaining the whole world and still losing his own soul, demonstrating that everyone possesses this tendency for self-betrayal. If we are to experience the wholeness of being that God longs for us to enjoy, we must address the issue of betrayal, a factor in the story of nearly every relationship dating back to the dawn of creation.


I hate this book! For me Beyond Betrayal was a hard read, not because Jerry Price and Tom Roy didn’t have something to say, but because what they said is true. Sadly and personally, I can attest to that! JUDAS ISCARIOT Betrayer of Jesus

With candor the book calls all readers to embrace our brokenness and experience the mercy and grace of God. A good read about all relationships.”  RON MANAHAN   Th.D.  President of Grace College and Seminary Winona Lake, Ind.

Tom Roy and Jerry Price speak clearly enough for a child to hear. This is a beautiful working out of life between two wise souls and they let us in on the conversation.  JANA HOLLAND  The Hollands!

Beyond Betrayal is a book for those who are serious about understanding our sin nature and its manifestation in the act of betrayal. MIKE VALENTINE Believer, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Trial Lawyer, betrayer

Jerry Price and Tom Roy have tackled the tough and potentially uncomfortable subject of betrayal head on. Their insight and illustrations have given me a better understanding of its scope and presence in my life. SCOTT SANDERSON Pro Sports Agent and Former MLB Pitcher

There is healing hope in the principles shared in this book along with pivotal tools in facing the betrayal of others as well as the temptation to betray.” MIKE MORFORD  CEO & Founder of

Tom and Jerry show us that understanding how we have been betrayed and have betrayed others is only the first step. The final steps to a life lived free of betrayal and it’s pain is neither quick or easy, but well worth it. J. DAVIS ILLINGWORTH JR Author of God of Hope, Former Senior Vice President Chief Planning and Administrative Officer of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc

Beyond Betrayal presents a new approach to a sensitive subject. You are welcomed into the living room with Jerry Price and Tom Roy as they discuss this all-too-common and always hurtful experience, betrayal. JOHN J. SULLIVAN  Author of My Betrayer is at Hand

Jerry and Tom together have written a wonderful book on one of the most common, overlooked and damaging topics in life. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is or has ever been caught in the cycle of betrayal. DENNY WILSON  Senior Pastor, Warsaw Community Church Warsaw, Indiana

I am so very grateful Tom and Jerry had these Table Talks and for sharing them – thanks be to God! SANDRA ROBISON McCARTHY Divorce Recovery Group Facilitator