The Wisdom Deal

Years ago, I attended a blind singer’s concert in a small Midwest town. While singing and playing the piano, a lady came up and placed her hands around his eyes and said, “I feel led of the Spirit too….” I’m thinking, “He didn’t ask for that; His space had been invaded and her decision was arbitrary. Most of all I’m thinking, “Wow, how’s this guy going to handle this!?”

While the lady prayed for his healing, the blind singer blurts out and says, “I’m happy the way I am. If the Lord wants this for me, Okay, but I’m happy the way I am!” I admired the courage of this man to set the record straight.

As the woman somewhat dejected and embarrassed left him, he began to sing His Grace is Sufficient. To say the least, there was a lot going on for her, him and everyone witnessing his response.

In James 1:5-8, he says to new Jewish believers in Jesus, If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking. But when you ask him, be sure that your faith is in God alone. Do not waver, for a person with divided loyalty is as unsettled as a wave of the sea that is blown and tossed by the wind. Such people should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. Their loyalty is divided between God and the world, and they are unstable in everything they do. NLT

I don’t want to denigrate the lady’s desire to have this blind singer see. But evidently, just because she said “I feel led of the Spirit too….” didn’t make it so. To me, something was questionable about the woman’s modus operandi.

The faith in God alone that James talks about, the kind of wisdom he alludes to is always supported by facts in God’s Word and trusting Him for what we don’t know. Without that, what do we have?  Without that, what are we like? Without that, what dangers do you think we face in our modus operandi if feelings become our authority?

8 thoughts on “The Wisdom Deal

  1. Several years ago i had a dream. In the dream i was at conference of sorts and was sitting in a wooden chair in the 11th row. One by one, ten people came to me, beginning what they had to say with, “I just really feel” and that they had a word for me. i told each one not to give it now, but to write it down and come back in ten minutes to tell me. None ever returned and i thought to myself, “Well, there goes the common church plague of ‘I just really feel’.” End of dream.
    Mind you, i’m not opposed to any of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, BUT, i am opposed to giving an opinion and labeling it God, seemingly to validate ourselves. i consider the constant of “God said” in the mouth of many people to be irresponsible. i must also add, i hold it true that i wouldn’t understand this dilemma unless i too had practiced the same things. Dribbling the Name of the Lord around like salt on food is very close to handling His Name with triteness and frivolty. How to tactfully address these issues, being gracefully honest, with a view to resolve is a challenge in the Body of Christ.

  2. This morning I was reflecting with a group of friends on my determination to drag God info my 3 dimensional world. It’s not an act of faith it’s all about a validation of my concept of God and how He should work. Faith means I am invested without external confirmation. If in his grace God provides a sign its for His purposes not mine. Faith means I believe He knows and is in control.

    1. Good stuff Joe. Thank you for being open with how it really is – pointing to motivations. I’m a firm believer in taking a look at the direction of our motivations or where they are taking us. Faith is believing God is in control even when I don’t like it. Given the Cross of Christ – I can deal with me not disliking something God is in control of. In fact in the light of the Cross of Christ, my dislikes are foolish. Appreciate your thoughts.

  3. Jerry, well written. I have been involved in a journey about the role of feelings in our walk with God. I understand completely the levels of abuse in the Christian world that are extant in the phrase ” I felt” or ” I feel”. In the example you cite from your past, the person said “I felt led” but what they really meant is ” I think God led me to do what I did”. If you agree with that, then my question to you is how do we step forward and do something that we believe is God will’s for us that is not specifically instructed by the Bible? Given our past discussions, I think your answer would be that we just have to ask God for wisdom and then step out in faith that he’s given it and do what we “think in His wisdom” God wants us do. To which I would respond that the phrase ” I felt led” would then become ” i;m going to do this or that in faith that God wants me to do it or, in other words, I have faith God wants me to do this or that”. Has anything really changed? Isn’t I feel or think God wants me to do something equally rephrased as I have faith God wants me to do something or I have faith God gave me wisdom that to do that thing is the right thing or the thing He wants me to do. Aren’t the abuses that could come from that just the same?

    1. You asked, “Aren’t the abuses that could come from that just the same?” Yes Scott I think that’s true. Yet, it’s more honest to say I have faith God wants me to do this or that and then when we miss the mark with someone, we’re more open to build trust into the relationship. If the lady in the article could or would have said that, it would have been better. Yet, she arbitrarily made her decision to do so without permission. That was the rub for me and is why I thought what she did was twisted. Thanks for your thoughts Scott.