Last Word Games

Were you watching the RNC? I’m not going to weigh in on which political party is right or wrong. My observation centers on how these political conventions run and what the media does. After all, I’ve lived through thirteen USA Presidents!

We saw convention delegates cheering keynote speakers, followed by comments from news people? Then, at times, we’d see a shift into Last Word Games. The agendas flew, depending on the media person or the guest they invited to comment on these speakers. It’s almost like watching the Green Bay Packers play the Dallas Cowboys. What sport it is! Who will win the last word game as the clock ticks down?

Sometimes I see this game played when counseling marriages. “No I didn’t say that!” “Yes you did and…..” then the one upping starts. Wish I could say I haven’t played the last word game but I can’t.

Grade school kids play it when they argue with other kids about whose number one. Then insults fly and we might hear something like “Your mother wears combat boots!” Wish I was making this up but I actually remember hearing that when I was a kid. Those were fighting words!

The rule for Last Word games is “I’ll get control. I’ll run the show and if you don’t let me, I’ll hurt you with a blow.” These games always spring from lickety-split games where fearful thinking threatens the last word game player. Then “Boom!” this individual starts acting like a big shot, tough, sneaky or slick person – it’s not what they’re saying as much as what they’re not saying that controls you. How manipulative is that thinking!

Here’s something I do to mind this gap. On the spot, I called it out in a matter of fact manner. Then, I’ll encourage the hard work of letting others think for themselves, which is what Jesus did with Pilate in John 18:34 by asking “Is this your own question, or did someone tell you about me?” He respects others who own their own choices and conclusions. There’s no need to play this last word game when that happens. Thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Last Word Games

  1. In my sphere of Last Word people they have unresolved hurts/wounds, and therefore feel the need to control something–but it only drives more wedges and creates more hurts/wounds in themselves! (and possibly others) I wish there was a way to talk with these people—but it seems that even questions bring about a response that is negative. Right now it is best for me to speak as little as possible, and if they request a response (which usually they don’t) then I give one. My prayer is for me to express His love–whether it is with words or not. Jesus loves us ALL unconditionally.

    1. Good thoughts Jane. If we’re going to call out the game, it has to come out of unconditionally loving a person without requiring they change. But yes, it’s also a good thing not to go there with a person until we’re ready even though sometimes, there never seems to be the right moment. Thank you for sharing your heart.