BTO Games

I have a bias. Without a future there is no hope and without a past there is only the present.

Ever been in relationship with someone who had great talent, a great personality and great potential but its squandered? It blows the mind doesn’t it? Some may say, “Oh they have an addictive personality” as if to mean it is what it is. I don’t buy that.

Before my father came to faith in Jesus Christ, he spent time in prison. He said new inmates were called fish who were schooled by the BTO’s or Big Time Operators. Those guys acted as consultants hearing the details of their crimes and offering advice so those dumb cops on the outside wouldn’t catch them again. My father said that amazed him because all the wise guys were on the inside and all those dumb cops were on the outside!

The BTO Game is about not learning from past mistakes; expecting what they want when they want it; and making decisions based on assumptions and not the facts. Twisted!

All the BTO game player has is the present. Living in the present means without instant gratification, they have NOTHING! So, their life becomes focused on forbidden excitement or a demand for immediate satisfaction. I believe that’s why some people lock themselves into emotional childhoods. If we look past their personality or potential we’ll see that in their core, they’re choosing to be kids and foolish to boot.

The development of impatient thinking happens early in life and under the radar. Suddenly – the ones we love can be in trouble or are gone. And for what? Just to play the BTO game! How sad is that?

Jesus said, “….I came to bring truth to the world. All who love the truth recognize that what I say is true.” John 18:37 NLT Pursuing truth involves the total picture, our past, our present and hope in the future. Anything less sets up the BTO game. What do you think about the truth factor correcting this game? For me, the truth factor starts with and is Jesus, who can set us free from the twistedness of thinking we’re Big Time Operators.