The Blame Game




I won’t accept when things go wrong and to someone else, the blame belongs. That’s the blame game by choosing to be a victim for agenda reasons. We can see that in the cartoon. The kid is already thinking about blaming a bird for breaking a vase so he can stay out of trouble.

I know there are genuine victims – people who had no choice when unavoidable harm came their way. It’s hard to admit that because we tend to think something could have been done to avoid the injury. The thought of being out of control is unacceptable so we fight the use of the very word – victim.

Sad to say, some people like the idea of being a victim when they aren’t or if they were—still want to live as one. I mean that happens! They see it as an opportunity to spring into something irresponsible but wouldn’t unless they can believe they are victims. Then, the game is played to get the win.

Is it premeditated? Yes. Does it feel like it’s premeditated? No. This game seems to be all about feeling but it’s really about how they think. Everything is done by the game player to keep their victims from discovering that fact. Big dramas result.

When does the blame game stop? Would you let me confirm what you already know? It’s when the person playing the game decides to be responsible for themselves and their choices. They get how this game hurts others plus themselves. They start to care about people.

Jesus was firm about this throughout the New Testament and demonstrated how important it was to take responsibility for his actions. He was not a Blame Game Player. We saw this in John 18 even when false charges were trumped up against him. He never hedged about who he was and what he came to do. He was a victor and though treated badly, he loved.

The blame game needs to be exposed early in life or else it will be a tough habit to break. What do you feel when this game is played on you and does it help to know the game is premeditated? How?