Reasonable Responsible Thought

Welcome to PATHWAY CONCEPTS and ONLINE DIGITAL COURSES        developed by Jerry Price MABC.

Pathway online digital courses teach students of life to take caution while crossing spiritual and relational gaps between our minds and personal platforms. Each course is designed to encourage reasonable and responsible thought with warnings to keep from harm.

It’s here on the COURSES menu! Purchase the TRANSFORMING TWISTED THINKING FULL COURSE, or try the FREE COURSE DEMONSTRATION. Jerry has presented this material in seminaries, lay counseling ministries, social and mental health services. But it’s for anyone desiring to mind a gap.

The Transforming Twisted Thinking Full Course is designed to train individuals involved in church lay counseling ministries, people searching for the why and how of holding habitual twisted thinkers accountable, and for parents of children heading in the direction of a potential day in court. Finally, this course will train church leadership in an accountability process for those fallen in ministries who seek genuine restoration.